The Best Dispensaries in the US – Top 5

In states that have authorized pot, either for medicinal or recreational use, dispensaries are perpetually changing the act of purchasing buds. Visiting these pot shops can be an enlightening background for the individuals who have just known the constrained choices, flawed quality, and legal threats of bootleg market purchases. Be that as it may, with such a large number of cannabis dispensaries springing up the nation over, it very well may be challenging to tell which ones genuinely exceed expectations.

In case you’re looking for superior cannabis-purchasing knowledge, look no more remote than High Times’ picks for the best pot dispensaries in America. We’ve chosen more than 70 medicinal, and recreational pot looks around the nation that emerges for their world-class and broad inventories, marvelous conditions, and heavenly staffs.

Top 5 Dispensaries in the US


Planet 13 happens to be the world’s biggest recreational cannabis store. At 40,000 sq. Ft., Planet 13 is currently one of the world’s biggest weed-marts. This store fills in as a twenty-four-hour cannabis dispensary. Planet 13 obliges the therapeutic cannabis area too. From vapes to containers, Planet 13 has everything. In any case, what truly makes Planet 13 emerge and a unique encounter is a connected refinery that offers a visual encounter for guests.


A portion of this includes flawless walkways that are lit with visible actuated LED lights that identify your essence and deserts a variety of lights and hues alongside your part. Another most loved is the 3D projections all around the anteroom dividers. With everything taken into account, Planet 13 isn’t only an extravagant cannabis dispensary; it is a visual treat too.


Enter Diego Pellicer, and you’ve ventured into cannabis paradise. Situated in the seaport city of Seattle, Diego Pellicer is the brainchild of Jamen Shively. This dispensary brags of an assortment of cannabis items, from extravagant vapes, processors, and chillums, to different strains, mass or pre-moved joints.

While a portion of these items has costs that may beg to be spent, this is one spot you essentially should visit. These folks have gone hard and fast with their items, and you’ll see with your own eyes their affection for cannabis.


This Florida based cannabis dispensary sells both therapeutic and recreational pot. Trulieve works tenaciously to guarantee that the herbs are hand-developed in a domain that is free from any synthetics or nuisance.

What causes this inside emerge they to have a group of master doctors to support you, should you need counsel concerning both the therapeutic and recreational utilization of cannabis. Trulieve likewise has the credit of being Florida’s first cannabis dispensary, since the medication was made lawful.


This cannabis dispensary upgrades your cannabis involvement with an always showing signs of change menus, fun occasions, and even a charming corgi that you can play with (and will develop to cherish), each time you enter the store. Situated in Seattle, American Mary is one cannabis dispensary that will never neglect to disillusion you.

Regardless of whether you are searching for Indica-overwhelming premium cannabis blossoms, or mixture strains, mass or pre-moved, they have everything. It doesn’t finish there – American Mary has weed chocolates, mints, brownies, and a few beverages also. Remember to look at their extravagant processors, glasses, and vapes as well!


Head to Denver and advance toward the EU flora Recreational Marijuana store. You would then be able to get yourself some amazingly top of the line marijuana blooms, concentrates, edibles, and other CBD items. These folks have a great deal to offer however dependent on client top picks; the top picks at EU flora Recreational Marijuana incorporate Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, Jack Flash, Bruce Banner, Golden Goat, and (shockingly) Island Sweet Skunk – don’t give the name a chance to trick you!

These folks brag of long periods of strain chasing, and cautious plant rearing, to build up probably the best, most potent cannabis strains that you’ll discover in Colorado.

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